A SCHOOL has been told it is making ‘steady progress’ out of special measures.

Trawden Forest Primary School in Colne was visited by inspectors as part of a scheme of regular monitoring.

Ofsted said the school was making strides towards coming out of special measures but recommended more attention be paid to maths.

The school was told to ensure pupils make more rapid progress in mathematics by consistently providing teachers with specific advice and feedback.

The school’s action plan was described as “clear and manageable”.

Inspector Shirley Gornall said: “It includes appropriate milestones and comprehensive monitoring arrangements.”

She added: “A number of developments are contributing to improved teaching and progress: more consistent teaching of reading with a focus on pupils’ comprehension skills; better quality of feedback from teachers including time for pupils to respond to corrections; guidance for pupils through more ambitious targets and steps to success.

“The school has also ensured that parents are aware of developments, including through a revised approach to parents’ evenings that focuses specifically on pupils’ next steps in learning.”