A SUPERMARKET-style ‘click and collect’ scheme will be trialled in Accrington’s Market Hall.

Busy shoppers who want to shop locally will be able to browse traders’ goods online, pay for them, and then pick them up from one, single market stall.

The scheme means office workers could buy meat from the butcher, potatoes from the fruit and vegetables stall, and eggs from the dairy stall, pay online, and then pick up their goods together on their way home.

It has been hailed as unique by deputy council leader Clare Pritchard. She said: “This is something that has never been done before. It’s very experimental and I’m very hopeful it will work.

“It will offer people who want to shop in the market an alternative.”

The council approved a one-off grant of £10,000 for Burnley firm Scott Dawson Advertising Ltd to build and run the website. All money paid through the site will go directly to the traders, who will receive an email every time an order is placed.

A worker will then head to the stall and collect the goods, ready for picking up at a dedicated stall in the market hall.

The stall will be provided free of charge, at a cost to the council of around £6,000.

Coun Pritchard said: “The traders are coming together to offer all of their services.

“We are trialling it just for the market but hopefully it will spread.

“We need to offer something different, like the supermarkets do.

“We are never going to complete directly.

“But I understand that, but some people are saying the market is not convenient but they would shop there if it was.”

The scheme, which was given the green light at a council meeting last Wednesday could be up and running in eight weeks.