Asian pop stars Bonafide wowed students with a special visit to their school.

Blackburn Central High School with Crosshill hosted a spring bazaar at which students and teachers from the school helped run stalls and activities.

In addition, health guidance and support was on offer from professionals.

The students at the Haslingden Road school were instrumental in making the day a true success.

They were involved in the planning and co-ordination as well as taking part in providing entertainment throughout the afternoon.

Entertainment during the afternoon included a performance by the school choir, beat boxing, singing and even a variety of dance performances.

The highlight to the afternoon was the sold out performance by Bonafide.

The concert raised money for the Greenland Orphanage charity, – a Ugandan-based charity to help orphans on a day-to-day basis.

Maz, singer from Bonafide said; “Our day at BCHS with Crosshill was fantastic.

“The support from the staff and the students was overwhelming.

“They made us feel comfortable and were very welcoming.

“The turnout at the concert was exciting, with hundreds in the crowd – it was a good show.

“We’d like to express our appreciation to the school for helping us to raise funds for our charity, their efforts were amazing.”

Diane Atkinson, headteacher at BCHS with Crosshill, said: “I would like to express my appreciation on behalf of the staff and the students to all the people involved in organising the event, including a special thanks to Mrs Naseem, Mr Bridges, Mr Coulter and Mr Robertson for making sure everything ran smoothly, and not to forget Bonafide for making the day a true success.

“I hope that this event gave a true representation of what the school is really about.”