A PENDLE fabric company wants to renew planning permission to convert its offices to houses.

Panaz secured permission to redevelop its premises at Spring Mill, Fence, in March 2011.

That has since run out but they want to renew the application to keep their options of a possible relocation open.

A spokesman for the company said: “The proposal was to convert part of the existing mill into three houses, to demolish the remainder of the mill and to erect 19 new houses with associated garages. When making the original application Panaz were contemplating a possible relocation of their business.

“In the event, the economic conditions became less favourable and the company decided to postpone any relocation.

“However, the possibility of a relocation remains and the company wishes to keep open the option to redevelop Spring Mill.

“In order preserve this option, the company now wishes to renew the outline planning permission.”