HOGWARTS could take a tip or two from Darwen Vale High School students who have been learning the secret art of magic in their lunch breaks.

Head of year seven, Ricky Reidy, was a professional magician for ten years working in the hotels and clubs of the Canary Islands before moving back to Blackburn and training as a teacher.

Mr Reidy said: “I’ve always loved magic and am still a member of the Modern Mystic League in Blackburn. One of my students, Adam Hussain is a member too and I thought magic classes would be a great way of giving kids a confidence boost as well as a bit of fun.

“They’ve been popular so far and the students are learning some really impressive tricks.”

Adam has been a member of the Modern Mystic League for a year and the chance to study magic at school is a dream come true.

The 12-year-old said: “I love our magic club. We learn tricks that will astonish people and blow their mind.

“I just love the expression on people’s faces when they have just seen the best magic trick ever.”