COUNCILLORS in Burnley are preparing for to put forward proposals for this year’s budget.

The budget for 2014/15 is being drawn up in the face of ‘unfair’ government cuts.

The council has pledged to protect essential services and improve efficiency while, at the same time, making savings of millions of pounds.

Councillor Mark Townsend, executive member for resources, said: “Burnley is facing severe financial challenges, not only this coming year but also in years to come due to the unfair way that government distributes grant to councils.

“We will continue to lobby government hard for a fairer deal, and we have had some success, but we have to plan for the worst case scenario.

“We are taking a responsible approach and planning ahead, not just over the next 12 months but further ahead so that we’re in the strongest position possible to face those challenges.”

The executive will agree its budget proposals when it meets on February 17.