REVELLERS have been urged to warn farmers and animal owners about firework displays after a racehorse was frightened by New Year celebrations and broke its pelvis.

Bosses at Joss Saville Racing, Gisburn Park, near Gisburn, are waiting to find out whether the four-year-old horse, nicknamed Benny, will recover from its injuries after being scared by fireworks.

The £60,000 horse belongs to owners living in Ireland, and now training bosses are waiting for a vet to examine him to see the extent of his injuries.

Benny is now being cared for at the training centre, and is being given painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is thought the animal was scared by fireworks let off unexpectedly nearby, and Coun Richard Sherras, Gisburn and Rimington representative for Ribble Valley Council, has urged people to be considerate when celebrating.

He said: "It is a problem in rural areas.

"There should be some consideration for stock, which includes horses.

"We have had comments from farmers before about people setting fireworks off.

"Anybody letting fireworks off at any time of year should let the local farmers know."

The horse, which doesn't have a racing name as it hasn't competed yet, is being kept still to give its broken pelvis a chance to recover.

If he can be kept alive it could take months of rest before he recovers.

Nick Saville, father of stable owner Joss Saville, said: "The vet is going to try and scan it to see how bad the break is and see whether it has to be put down or whether it can still be healed.

"Somebody will be covered by some sort of public liability insurance.

"The owners live in Ireland and I am sure things will develop in the next 24 hours.

"It appears to be down to individuals not thinking of the consequences of what they are doing there and will be down to the lawyers to try and sort it out if they can - and the insurance company.

"It just highlights the problem of fireworks in the countryside.

"Everybody expects fireworks on November 5 and we can take precautions but it isn't traditional that they are used on New Year's Eve, it's only more recently."