POLICE have warned of an increase in false and stolen IDs being used in pubs in Clitheroe and Whalley.

The issue was raised at a recent meeting of the Clitheroe and Whalley Pub Watch, which includes members of the local police team and landlords.

The police said the increasing use of false, stolen and fraudulently altered IDs, such as driving licences and passports, can put licensees, businesses and homes at risk.

Pubs can be at risk if the IDs are checked and underage drinkers are found in their premises. Lisa Evans, landlord at The Horse Shoe Inn, Clitheroe, said: “Everybody knows that this is going on and it’s a well known fact.

“We always check IDs in here whenever people come in and they look under age.

“I think the police should be more vigilant on this issue and try to clamp down on it.

“It’s a real shame that it’s going on because some of the people you see in pubs around here look more like 12 years old.

“You can get very good copies these days and unless you have an electronic device that scans the ID, some are bound to get away with it.”

Insp Hassan Khan said: “There have been a few reports recently in and around the Clitheroe area that young people have been trying to use falsified identification to get into local pubs and bars.

“We are aware of this and we are working with partners and licensed premises in the area to put a stop to it.”

In a statement on their Facebook page, the police said members of the Pub Watch group had highlighted the ‘increasing use’ of false IDs, stolen IDs and fraudulently altered passports and driving licences to enable access to their premises and to buy alcohol.

Clitheroe town council leader, Coun Mary Robinson said: “This is a problem nationally, not just in Clitheroe. The ID makers should come up with a new card that is harder to copy, otherwise this will continue to be a problem.

“Fake IDs are becoming more and more readily available and something needs to be done about it.”