A COUPLE have spoken of their ‘disgust and concern’ after being served a mouldy bun at fast food giant Burger King.

Dean Bartlett-Smith and his wife, Amanda, were served the mouldy food after visiting the new Accrington branch, which opened on November 23.

The chain has apologised for the incident, and invited the couple back to the strEAT Foodcourt, in the Arndale Centre, for a free meal.

Dean said his wife discovered the bread on her Whopper burger was mouldy when they visited the branch with their one-year-old daughter, Ella, around 11am on Friday.

The 34-year-old, who lives in Major Street, Crawshawbooth said: “As soon as my wife opened her box, we could see a large area of mould on the burger bun. My wife returned her burger.

“The girl just said, ‘do you want a refund or another burger?’.

“Amanda felt quite distressed, because she was going to give some to Ella.

“She felt disgusted that nobody had noticed. Shocked was another thing.”

Businessman Dean claimed a manager was on his phone, and did not step in to resolve the situation.

After complaining to Burger King, a customer services worker said the company’s area manager had investigated.

In an email to Dean, Wendy Christodoulou wrote: “One tray of buns were found to have mould beginning to form.

“This is due to some moisture inside the plastic bag the buns are delivered in.

“Moisture like this has never been seen inside bags of delivered buns and after some investigation with our supplier it has come to light that over the busy Christmas and New Year sales period our supplier had been freezing the buns.

“This is not a Burger King policy and the situation has been taken up with the supplier.

“All staff have been retrained on food safety and being vigilant when storing and preparing our products.”

The Lancashire Telegraph outlined the couple’s concerns in an email and phone calls to Burger King representatives yesterday and the company said it was investigating.