THE family of a schoolgirl who made an amazing recovery from a brain haemorrhage has been spreading festive cheer to families who have children in hospital over Christmas.

Charlotte Neve, eight, from Trawden, suffered ‘substantial brain damage’ in April last year.

The eight-year-old was in a coma for two days and when she came round was in a ‘locked-in’ state, unable to speak, move or blink.

Doctors said her chances of recovery were bleak, but the youngster has since regained her movement and speech and even returned to school.

Her family started the ‘Lottie Box’ scheme just six weeks ago, but collected a total of 56 boxes from all over the country.

They are now being taken to children and their families who will be spending Christmas in hospital, with the first boxes taken to Leeds General Infirmary, where Charlotte was treated. Mum Leila said on the ‘Lottie Box’ Facebook page: “Thanks to your wonderful, amazing, kind and brilliant generosity, and with only six weeks notice, we have managed to make 56 Lottie Boxes. We delivered wonderful Lottie Boxes to all the children we could find in Leeds General Infirmary.

“We met so many lovely, brave and smiley young ones that were so pleased with our gifts.”

Leila, and her fundraising group Lottie’s Army, started the appeal because of their experience at spending Christmas time in hospital with a young child.

Leila said: “I know how hard it is when you are spending so much time at hospital. At Christmas it is even harder for a family.

“That’s why we have started the Lottie Box.”

Lottie Boxes will also be taken to the Children’s Trust as well as local hospitals.