RESIDENTS in Chorley were left open mouthed when a pig was seen trotting down several town centre roads, ‘hogging’ the middle lane.

Ignoring several ‘No Porking’ signs, the pregnant micro pig named Lulu, ran down Gillibrand Walks and Hamilton Road before being apprehended by her owner, Charles Newsham.

An image of the pig outside Chorley Job Centre was widely circulated after the incident on Thursday afternoon, with the picture shared several dozen times on Facebook.

Mr Newsham keeps two pet pigs, Lulu and Coco, at his business premises in nearby Pall Mall.

He said: “Somehow the gate at the back had been left open and they both got out. We got Coco very quickly as he is smaller and can be picked up, but Lulu was off and running.

“We had some feed on a shovel and me, a couple of police officers and a council worker were in hot pursuit.

“She finally stopped outside the Job Centre on Hamilton Road. She was trying to get through door.

“I think she must have wanted to sign on.”

Mr Newsham said Lulu was showing no ill effects and he has now added an extra lock and chain on the gate.

A Hamilton Road resident said: “I was at home and heard a loud pig-like snort.

“As I opened the front door the little pig was running right down the middle of the road chased by a man with a shovel and several others.

“I shook my head and thought to myself, ‘only in Chorley’.”