A TRAWDEN teenager has helped create an animation about her nine-year-old sister’s amazing recovery from a stroke.

Aspiring animator Megan Neve, 13, drew the illustrations and wrote the story of ‘Strokina and Super C’, after her sister Charlotte had a stroke in 2012 caused by a brain haemorrhage and an aneurysm in her sleep.

Charlotte has made an incredible recovery, beating all expectations.

The Stroke Association in the North West worked with educational company Hyper Island and student Robin Schneider to animate the drawings in recognition of Megan’s support for her sister.

Mum Leila said: “Megan has been an amazing big sister to Charlotte over the last 18 months. I’m so proud to see her drawings come to life in this way and really thankful to the Stroke Association and Robin for creating the animation.”

‘Strokina’ chases people and traps them inside bubbles, or ‘chaos spheres’. The hero, Super C, manages to break free from the bubble and sets about rescuing the others.

Robin said: “The Stroke Association introduced me to Charlotte who, thanks to her strength and the remarkable support of her family, was able to recover and start enjoying her life again. Megan dreams of becoming a professional animator and I see a bright future ahead of her.”

Chris Larkin, regional head of operations from the Stroke Association, said: “Charlotte is a true inspiration and the support of her mum Leila and Megan has been crucial to her recovery.”

The animation can be viewed at http://www.youtubecom/ watch?v+wSs24ft5C18