CANCER battler Sam Shaw was today suffering the side-effects of his immunotherapy treatment.

The four-year-old, from Hoddlesden, is in Philadelphia receiving the treatment against neuroblastoma.

People across East Lancashire and beyond rallied behind the appeal to raise £250,000 towards the treatment, which could save his life but is not available in the UK.

But after starting the second round of treatment two days ago, the youngster has developed a bad fever and a cough.

Speaking on the day of the treatment, Mum Christine said: “Our little soldier has suffered with the antibody treatment.

“He has had a raging temperature, which meant he had blood cultures taken from his central line and was given antibiotics in case of infection.

“He developed an upset tummy and was struggling with nausea as well as aches and pains throughout his body, and was retaining fluid in his tissue through capilliary leakage.

“It is so hard seeing him so miserable and feeling so poorly, when yet again just a couple of days ago we brought a happy, energetic little boy in for his ‘special medicine’.

“We are hoping that his temperature and pain can be brought under control soon so he can settle down and have a restful night’s sleep as we need our brave little soldier to bounce back.”

And yesterday, Mrs Shaw said: “It has been another tough day for our little Sam.

“His raging fever continued through the night and day and he also developed a terrible cough in the early hours of this morning.

“His heart rate also became extremely high and has continued to be ‘in the red’ for most of the day.

“The medical team have monitored him very closely and after a number of visits from doctors and senior nurses throughout the day, he has had another raft of medication added to his schedule.”

Mrs Shaw said Sam could need a blood transfusion before his last day of treatment today. (wed) She said: “Then we can concentrate on getting him feeling better and hopefully fit in a couple of weeks of fun before the next cycle of treatment starts.

“We have bought a few Christmas decorations for the apartments so we are hoping Sam will be in the mood to get ready for his visit from Santa when he gets home.”