A CAR courier who crashed a £91,000 supercar into two cars then ‘cleared off’ without reporting it to police has been spared jail.

Waqas Shah, of Manor Street, Nelson, crashed an Audi R8 into a car pulling on to Barrowford Road, Fence, before veering off and smashing head-on into a second vehicle on August 19 at around 7.20am.

A Fiat 500 was flipped on to its side and a Toyota Avensis was also involved.

The 30-year-old then failed to stop and report the incident to the police, although he was ‘probably aware that somebody was injured because the car was so badly damaged’, Burnley Magistrates Court heard.

Hours after the crash, Shah called the police and admitted being involved in the accident, later pleading guilty to driving without due care and attention and failing to stop.

Parveen Akhtar, prosecuting, said it could not be determined how fast Shah was travelling, though it was clear he was driving ‘quite fast’ through the 50mph zone.

The chairman of the bench said: “It was quite a serious accident where other people were injured.

“After the accident, you attempted to abdicate your responsibilities by running off.

“You were probably aware that somebody was injured because the car was so badly damaged and you cleared off anyway.

“You are slowly building up a list of criminal offences which will see you locked up if you aren’t careful.”

David Lawson, defending, said Shah would lose his job if he was banned from driving.

He said: “Mr Shah is also the only driver in the household, and his terminally ill father relies on him to take him to and from appointments.”

Magistrates banned Shah from driving for six months and served him a £330 fine.