A BLACKBURN high school is to put on a spectacular show celebrating local history.

Emmerdale actress Melanie Ash is to put on a major performance at Blackburn Central High School where she is ‘artist in residence’.

The production, which will see the public audition for roles, is to feature historical figures from Blackburn.

A show featuring drama, dance, film, music, rap, and song will take place utilising the architecture, buildings and areas at BCHS.

The show follows the crew of Legacy 13, a group of time travellers from Blackburn’s diverse, cultural history as they try and infuse the young people with enthusiasm, pride and love for their home town of Blackburn.

Melanie said: “It’s a roller coaster race against time as the audience come face to face with the likes of Jack Walker, Alfred Wainwright, Kathleen Ferrier and even take part in the infamous plug riots.

“I am so excited about our show. The audience follow the cast around this fantastic school and action scenes are set against Blackburn’s magnificent sky line.”

A public audition for singers in the choir is taking place on Monday at the newly built Haslingden Road school from 4pm to 6pm.

The performance takes place at the school on Thursday (nov 14) at 7pm. For more information about auditions follow Legacy13@BCHSCrosshill on twitter.