A DEAF man is asking for further changes to his home because his smoke alarms keep going off, leading to repeated visits from the fire service.

Ken Jarvis, 75, said fire crews were regularly called to his house in Shearwater Drive, Blackburn because he inadvertently sets off the alarms when he cooks.

He has spoken to Twin Valley Homes and asked to have a fan installed above his cooker and flashing lights in his hall to alert him to the alarm.

He said: “It’s upsetting for me. It’s five or six times they’ve come. I like it here but when they come I panic and I worry I’m going to get told off.

“The intercom is no use because I can’t hear it.”

Mr Jarvis said he had been given a vibrating pillow and pager but had found them inadequate, especially when he was in the hall or toilet and feels flashing lights would solve the problem.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service safety manager Duncan Emmett said: “It’s important for people to get the early warning that a smoke alarm provides, and if they have hearing difficulties there are devices that get around the issue. “We have been called to Mr Jarvis’s house four times in recent months. It does tie up our appliances from doing something else.

“If the equipment he has been given is inadequate, we do have a list of other recommended devices, including flashing lights, that might help.”

He said he would be getting in touch with Mr Jarvis and Twin Valley Homes.

Ian Bell, head of Twin Valley Homes, said: “We have worked extensively with Mr Jarvis and have installed equipment specifically to meet his needs.

“We were unaware of any current issues but we will continue to work with Mr Jarvis to ensure he gets the support he needs.”