SAM Shaw and his parents will fly to America tomorrow for a trip that could save the four-year-old’s life.

Having successfully raised the £250,000 needed for immunotherapy treatment in the fight against neuroblastoma, Sam will have his first appointment at hospital in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

It comes after a year to forget for mum and dad, Christine and Carl, of Glencoe Avenue, Hoddlesden, after being given the devastating news that Sam had the childhood cancer in January.

They were told to give the youngster his best chance of survival, they needed to fly him to the States for the costly treatment that is unavailable on the NHS.

In recent weeks, Sam has gone through a gruelling schedule of radiotherapy, but he had his last session yesterday.

Mum Christine said: “He is feeling the effects but still doing his best to have fun and not letting it get him down.

“The radiotherapy has given him a bad rash on his back which we are putting cream on, but he always stays upbeat.”

The family will fly from Manchester at 11am tomorrow and, after a seven hours and fifty minutes-long flight, land in the US at 1.50am local time.

Christine said: “His first appointment is on Tuesday and they will give him some medication to take before the treatment.

“On Wednesday he has a full day of appointments, then on Thursday he will see the doctor and have a scan.

“He has a biospy on Monday and then on Tuesday we think we will get the dates for the treatment.”

Months ago, the deadline of October 31 was set for Sam to start receiving the immunotherapy treatment and the family will get there just in time.

Christine said: “The last few months have been manic with doing all the various fundraising and running around.

“I just can’t believe the day has finally come when we will be taking Sam to have this treatment.”

The family are still asking for donations to the appeal to fund potential complications that could arise from the treatment.

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