A SHEEP was killed and four more had to be put down after they were attacked by a dog.

One of the sheep died during the 'horrific' attack on land at Far Wanless Farm in Trawden.

Four more, including a lamb, suffered such serious injuries that they had to be put down.

The incident, which is being investigated by police, happened on either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Farmer Paul Johnson, who owns around 150 sheep, said: “It was horrific, it wasn’t very nice to see the injuries at all. One of the sheep was so badly injured it's head was hanging off. I’ve told the police that the dog who carried out the attack should be put down before it happens to somebody else. People don’t realise that this is in a dog’s nature.

“They don’t realise the damage they can cause. We have had a few incidents of sheep worrying in the past but nothing on this scale before.

“It’s the financial cost as well as the emotional one. The four adults were breeding sheep and two were pedigrees, and we’ve got the vets fees as well.”

Rhiannah De Carteret, from Stanley House Vets farm and equine team, said the attack was the worst she had seen since joining the practice in January.

“It was surprising that four of them had survived as they had very bad injuries, it must have been terrible for them.

“It is about being a responsible dog owner and making sure that dogs are on a lead when they are being walked around livestock, or even muzzled if they are particularly aggressive.

“This was a very aggressive attack, it wasn’t a wolf instinct of kill to eat.

“It has gone after a group of sheep.”