GENEROUS six-year old Fergus Peter decided to do something heroic with his army-themed birthday party and told his school friends to give a donation to Help for Heroes, instead of giving him a birthday present.

Fergus’s parents, Melissa and Nigel Peter, have converted their home in Ricroft Nurseries in Hoghton from a commercial nursery into a site providing ‘active outdoor’ birthday parties for youngsters.

The company, ‘Bring Yer Wellies’, has been operating since June and offers themed outdoor birthday parties that enables children to play and learn outdoors.

Fergus was joined at his army-themed celebration, which included army vehicles, ‘unexploded bombs’ and even medical stretchers, by 27 school friends from Coupe Green school and each of them made a donation to Help for Heroes instead of bringing a present.

Fergus’s mother and Bring Yer Wellies founder, Melissa said: “Fergus was really cool about not getting any presents.

“If anything, he was more worried that his school friends would be upset that they didn’t get to bring him anything.

“It’s a really great way for him to learn that there are a lot of people less fortunate than him and about what he can do to help.”