A 20-YEAR-old man armed himself with a brick after being confronted by concerned residents after a police car chase ended on their doorstep.

Blackburn magistrates heard several men ran from the car after it was abandoned in Fern Gore, Accrington.

David Osbaldeston was one of them, but stopped when a woman concerned about the safety of her grandchildren shouted at him.

The court heard her husband came out carrying a shovel and a neighbour threw a bottle at Osbaldeston.

And Bernard Horne, defending, said his client’s behaviour had been the start of a disastrous chain of events.

He said: “He was recalled to prison because he was on licence and while he was inside there was a family bereavement. He was taken to hospital during his imprisonment and because of the family problem absconded from there. He is still in custody and can expect a further sentence when he is dealt with for absconding.”

Osbaldeston, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour, driving without insurance and other than in accordance with a licence. He was fined £180 with £20 costs which was set against time in custody.

Mr Horne said Osbaldeston had not been the driver of the car. He said: “During the course of what followed her husband appeared with a shovel and another lady threw a bottle at him.

“Against that background he accepts he picked up a brick. Amazingly the only person arrested out of the incident was the defendant.”