A DISABLED woman from Darwen has been left having to ‘beg’ her neighbours for refuse sacks after the council failed to provide her with any for more than six weeks.

Barbara Fenwick, of Ashton Road, has complained ‘repeatedly’ to the council that the lilac refuse bags, which are used to dispose of household waste, are not being left for her and other residents.

The council will not collect rubbish in ordinary black bin liners.

Mrs Fenwick, 61, said: “I’ve telephoned the council numerous times to complain about this, but all I get are excuses.

“They are paying someone to come and drop the bags off and he isn’t doing.

“It’s causing problems for me, and it’s causing them extra expense.

“It’s ridiculous, and I just can’t take it any more.”

Mrs Fenwick lives in one of the 19 properties in Ashton Road that are linked to the new Willow Gardens retirement complex, in Union Street.

Lilac refuse sacks are used to dispose of household waste, and the council reserves the right to leave any waste that is not left in the correct sacks on bin collection day.

“The only reason I haven’t been overrun with rubbish is because I have managed to beg friends and family for a lilac sack, or my warden has been able to get one for me.

“It’s really just not good enough.”

Blackburn with Darwen Council said it was looking into the complaints made by Mrs Fenwick, and a number of her neighbours.

The council’s lead member for environment Coun Dave Smith said: “I think that this problem began because people have been moved from Ashton House to Willows Gardens, and it may have led to some confusion.

“I would advise that Mrs Fenwick got in touch with me, and we will sort this out immediately.”