A TEENAGE driver who ran over his pregnant girlfriend and left her lying in the road has been given a suspended jail term.

Burnley magistrates had heard how Shaun Ruane, 19, shouted abuse at the injured victim and people at the scene before punching his Ford Fiesta van and driving away for a second time.

Victim Hayley Truelove was in immense pain and feared she was seriously injured. A passer-by went to her aid.

The hearing was told Ruane’s mind was “all over the place” with worry over the recent pregnancy news. His solicitor Rachel Griffiths said: “If he could turn the clock back, he would.”

Ruane, a bricklayer who had since lost his job, had admitted assaulting Miss Truelove, 19, causing her actual bodily harm at Briercliffe, Burnley, and dangerous driving, on August 2.

The defendant, of Walton Lane, Nelson, had no previous convictions. He received 17 weeks in detention, suspended for a year, with 200 hours unpaid work. He was also banned for 15 months and must pay £100 compensation and £85 costs.

The court was told the defendant and victim started a relationship in May and she was about 10 weeks pregnant at the time. The pregnancy was unplanned and the night before the incident, she decided to keep the child.

The defendant was upset but decided to support his partner. They went out in his van and she would say he tended to show off and drove fast.

Ruane kept jerking the steering wheel and she said repeatedly: “Please stop, I’m pregnant.”

Prosecutor Andrew Robinson said Miss Truelove asked the defendant to stop because she wanted to get out.

She opened the door, took off her seatbelt and was putting her left leg on the road when Ruane sped off. Miss Truelove fell onto the road and the rear passenger wheel ran over her right ankle. She suffered a serious sprain and needed crutches.

Ruane gave himself up to police about an hour and 20 minutes later.

Miss Griffiths said: “He will say he didn’t realise the car door was open. If he had realised, he’d have stopped and allowed her to alight from the vehicle.”

Miss Griffiths told the court Ruane immediately returned to the scene when he saw his partner by the roadside.

A man accused him of pushing her out of the van and didn't know what to do.

The solicitor said: “Rather foolishly, he drove off. The defendant hopes for a reconciliation with his partner.”