CANCER battler Sam Shaw appears to have turned a corner after the toddler suffering complications following a stem cell transplant.

The four-year-old neuroblastoma sufferer from Hoddlesden had gained almost 4kg in weight after a huge build-up of fluids following his treatment.

But parents Christine and Carl, of Glencoe Avenue, said he was now starting to recover.

He is preparing for radiotherapy later this month ahead of the potentially life-saving immunotherapy in the US next month.

Christine said: “Over the past couple of days our little ray of sunshine has started to return to us.

“The chatty, funny, cheeky little man is back.

And he has started to lose some of the fluid that he had been retaining.

“He has now lost 1.5kg and is able to get out of bed and venture out of his room while it is quiet.

“He is still struggling with sickness and an upset tummy. However he has started to try bits of food and is now drinking well.

“His blood and platelet transfusions are also becoming less frequent.”

“He is managing to go three days in between transfusions which two weeks ago were twice daily.”