TRACTOR tyres were flipped, cars were pulled and endurance tested at Blackburn Youth Zone’s Ironman and Irongirl challenges on Saturday.

Four Youth Zones in Lancashire competed with two girls and two boys in each team.

Because the competitions were so tough, youngsters under the age of 16 watched on the sidelines as their older pals battled it out for the trophies.

The boys’ challenge focused on muscle strength and endurance, while the girls competed to prove their cardiovascular and lower body strength.

Girls flipped tractor tyres almost as tall as themselves in a time trial and raced against a 20 metre bleep test.

Boys lifted and pulled a Volkswagen Polo and ran while carrying weights.

Dozens of young people watched their fellow teens complete the gruelling challenges, and Youth Zone staff joined them.

A spokeswoman for The Youth Zone in Jubilee Street said: “We closed the zone for the day to support the event and ensured maximum safety through- out the day.”