RESIDENTS living on a notorious Colne ‘rat run’ have spoken out about speeding motorists at a public meeting.

Around 50 residents, as well as local councillors and the police, attended the meeting on Wednesday.

People living in Birtwistle Avenue and Harrison Drive said they were fed up with cars using the roads as a way of avoiding traffic on North Valley Road.

Elaine Wells, who organised the meeting, was also angry that nobody from Lancashire County Council’s highways department turned up.

She said: “We had been told that somebody from the county council would be attending the meeting.

“But then on the day I was told by one of our local councillors that they couldn’t attend after all.

“It is very disappointing that they couldn’t attend and it is vital that we get our views across to them.”

The issue of speeding on the two roads has been raised constantly with police over the last 12 months, and in June children protested about the speeding traffic.

Lancashire County Council has now said it was install electronic signs to warn speeding drivers.

County hall chiefs also said that a highways officer was unable to attend the meeting, but that they had spoken to County Councillor Dorothy Lord, who had fed back the concerns and comments.

Alan Capstick, highways manager for Pendle, said: “Highways engineers, county councillors and district councillors met to discuss speeding issues on Birtwistle Avenue following recent incidents and safety concerns raised by local residents.

“Following the meeting we agreed to install some new electronic signs to warn speeding drivers.

“Alongside the other measures that are already in place, we hope this will encourage drivers to slow down and reduce accidents in the area.”