A DRIVER smashed into two parked cars, bollards and a garden wall before getting involved in a street brawl with his passenger.

Two men were arrested after the ‘terror’ drive around residential streets in Shadsworth, Blackburn.

Police described the scene as ‘carnage’ and one councillor said it was lucky nobody was killed.

At one point the driver’s Vauxhall Vectra had to swerve to avoid a man pushing a pram.

The pair were apparently under the influence of drugs and officers were unable to interview them for several hours after yesterday morning’s incident.

Eyewitnesses said the drama began at the Spar in Rothesay Road, shortly after 10am.

The men, who residents said were being abusive at the shop, drove off towards Shadsworth Road, before swerving and clipping a Ford Focus and crashing into a bollard.

The car then turned right into Largs Road, leaving debris in its wake as parts fell off into the road.

It then smashed into the back of a silver Suzuki Swift, writing it off, before heading in the direction of Oban Drive.

Stunned onlookers watched as the car went to turn right, then swerved left, flipped the car over and landed in the front garden of a house.

The two men got out of the car, which had landed on its wheels, and had a fight, before the driver got back in and tried to drive away.

But witnesses said he managed only a few feet as one of the car’s wheels had come off.

Pamela Blackburn, the owner of the Suzuki Swift, said: “I was just having a cup of tea in the house when I heard an almighty bang and the dog started barking.

“I am devastated as I have had the car since it was new.

“I can’t afford to replace the car. I can only just afford to keep it on the road.

“I was just going to order my tax and insurance as it is due.”

Another Largs Road resident said: “I thought it was a scrap wagon it was making so much noise.

“I looked out and saw the car speeding towards Oban Drive, and then it flipped over and the two men started kicking lumps out of each other.”

Shadsworth councillor Jim Shorrock said he had just returned from his holidays minutes after the incident.

He said: “I had been on a nice relaxing break in the Yorkshire Dales and I came back to this.

“I saw a bumper wrapped around the bollards in Rothesay Road and then the debris just carried on all the way to my home.

“There are speed bumps in the area for a very good reason.

“It was lucky there were no fatalities really.

“Had it been in a couple of weeks when the schools have finished there could have been a lot of kids playing in the streets and it could have been a much more serious story.”

A 28-year-old and 30-year-old man were arrested on suspicion of driving a vehicle while unfit through drugs following the incident.

The 28-year-old will also be questioned on suspicion of shoplifting, police said.

A police spokesman said: “Two men, who appear to have been heavily under the influence of drugs, have been detained.

“They have had an argument which has developed into a fight.

“Witnesses said they swerved to avoid a pedestrian pushing a pram before hitting two cars and a garden wall.

“It was carnage up there.”