A WOMEN-ONLY tennis morning has been launched in Blackburn.

Women can play on the private outdoor courts, at Crosshill Tennis Club, Corporation Park, every Tuesday, at 10.30am.

The privacy of the courts makes them suitable for Muslim women, director Waqar Hussain said, although everybody is welcome.

He said: “The local women wanted something to do, and somewhere private, something without a car, and in the local area.”

Mr Hussain said he welcomed the debate on the clash between tennis rules and Islam. The Women’s Tennis Association rules said players should not wear sweatshirts, sweat pants, T-shirts, jeans, or cut-offs.

In 2005, tennis pro Sania Mirza was the subject of a fatwa, or legal pronouncement in Islam, by clerics calling on her to change her outfit.

Mr Hussain said: “One or two members used to be very good and used to play in tracksuit bottoms and headscarves. This group is mums knocking a ball about, not doing much running, so they don’t necessarily need to dress up.”

The tennis club can be contacted on 07814 589090.