A WOMAN was in a critical condition in hospital last night after falling from the roof of a terraced house as she tried to evade police.

Officers were called at an address in Hazel Street, off Blackburn Road in Rising Bridge, to arrest a 35-year-old woman on suspicion of theft.

However, the woman at the property escaped onto the rooftops of the row of terraced houses.

After getting out through a skylight, police said she walked along the rooftops until she reached a drainpipe.

While trying to climb down the drainpipe, she fell to the ground when the pipe gave way.

She was airlifted to the Royal Preston Hospital with multiple injuries where she was in a life- threatening condition yesterday.

Neighbours said ambulances and several police vehicles were on the scene for two hours after the woman climbed onto the roof at 10.30am on Saturday.

One neighbour, who asked not to be named said: “She had climbed up to the roof and must have thought she could climb down again using the drain pipe.

“However, it gave way above a concrete floor.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said she was airlifted the hospital.

He said: “As officers arrived at the scene, the woman closed the door and ran upstairs before exiting the house via the skylight.

“She walked along the roof in an attempt to evade the police.

“As she tried to climb down a drainpipe on one of the properties, it gave way causing her to fall to the ground.

“She was airlifted to the Royal Preston Hospital with multiple injuries and remains there in a critical condition.”