RESIDENTS are being asked to give up a corner of their garden for mini-allotments.

A community group has launched a ‘garden share’ project in Clitheroe and is appealing for people to open up their unused gardens to those who want to grow vegetables or plants.

Transition Town Clitheroe said the project was aimed at people on the waiting list for allotments.

And residents who donate land will receive 25 per cent of any produce grown.

Susan Hawthorne, 46, who has offered her garden to the project, said: “It’s something that would encourage community spirit and togetherness.

“My garden is too big to be maintained by just one person so I have no problem with someone coming in and planting some vegetables.

“It would be good to help people who have no garden to use in the first place or those who are on the allotment shortlist.

“I’ve tried to grow vegetables before but it would be good to have somebody looking after them when I’m away, for example.”

Laura Chadwick from Transition Town Clitheroe said: “It’s a great project to be involved in and I hope that a lot of people in the town sign up. There are quite a few people on the waiting list for allotments so I hope we are able to reduce that a bit.

“It’s all about helping out other people and I hope it brings the whole community together.”

Clitheroe town mayor, Coun Kevin Horkin, said: “Growing vegetables is always a good thing in challenging times and I hope projects like this thrive.”

For more information, call Laura Chadwick on 01200 427482.