UNDERGRADUATE students will be aiming to make people think at a psychology conference.

Final year students from the university centre at Blackburn College will be exhibiting their original research in poster form at the Fielden Street Campus on June 25.

Academics from other institutions, people working in associated industries and prospective employers and students can ask them about their research findings.

A range of themes will be presented including motivations for body piercings, Islamic dress and self-esteem, attitudes towards mental health and attitudes to homosexuality.

Lecturer Valerie Todd said: “Posters are used extensively in academic psychology conferences and they are a visual representation of original research.”

The posters form part of an extended programme of free events that runs from 10am to 3pm, including oral presentations in the lecture theatre and pop-up stands.

Send an email to V.Todd@blackburn.ac.uk or call 01254 292518 to book a place.