ACTION to demolish a ‘dangerous eyesore’ on the main road between Blackburn and Darwen has been demanded.

Dale View residents and local councillor Denise Gee want the derelict Bear Hotel on Cravens Brow, Fernhurst to be demolished as soon as possible.

They want the owners or Blackburn with Darwen council to knock down the building, destroyed by fire in March 2010.

They believe the building is dangerous — a magnet for travellers, children and young people, and a haven for rats and other vermin.

The Bear, formerly a major landmark on the A666 Bolton Road between Darwen from Blackburn town centre, originally had a 60-cover restaurant and a function room for 200 people.

The hotel has been subject to several planning applications since 1998 for housing, including a bid in 2009 to turn the site into a mental health unit.

The proposal to create a home for 16 to 35-year-olds with ‘medium to high levels of mental need’, prompted more than 300 objections.

In January 2011 there was a second fire on the site.

Tory councillor for Fernhurst Denise Gee said: “I am tired of excuses, and it is time the Bear Hotel remains were dem-olished. I want the owners, whoever they are at the moment, or the council to knock it down. It is an eysore and it’s is dangerous.

“We have had travellers, fires, children's dens, vermin and break-ins.

“I am terribly worried that with the lighter nights and school holidays approaching there will be a serious accident at this blight on the landscape.

“I am calling on the borough council to serve notice and remove this dangerous blight as the police and fire engines cannot attend due to the road being blocked, but most of all in the interest of the residents who have had to live with this eyesore for far too long.”

Nearby resident Brian Whalley, 59, said: “I just want it knocked down. It’s unsafe, a magnet for people doing anti-social things, and it’s an eyesore.”

Fellow Dale View householder Graham Warner, 55, said: “It’s just a blight and full of vermin. I had rats come in my garden. We just want someone to demolish it.”

Council regeneration boss Maureen Bateson said: “We are aware that the site has become an eyesore, and the owner is working with us to see what can be done about resolving the situation.” The original owners Bear Hotels Ltd have gone into liquidation.