THE defiant owners of a saucy mannequin have pledged not to bow to pressure to remove it — and have now given her a ‘companion’.

'Babs', the controversial figure outside The Time Train in Lowergate, Clitheroe, which has even been the subject of a complaint to the police, has recently been joined by a friend, known as ‘The Entity’.

The new figure has a child’s doll’s head, a horse’s leg for an arm, and a hand replacing one of its legs.

Like Babs, it is wearing very little, apart from a neckerchief.

A member of the public talked to Ribble Valley Council’s complaints officer about removing Babs before she gained a partner.

Matt Taylor, 31, joint shop owner, said: “There is no way that we would ever take these two out of public view.

“They are a bit of fun and people should just be a bit more relaxed about it.

“It’s not harming anyone and people seem to be coming around it them slowly.

“The customers who come into the shop all like them.”

The owners have started their own ‘Save Babs’ campaign on Facebook and have already reached 13,500 hits and 250 ‘likes’.

The Time Train was opened in November by Matt alongside Jeff Beamer, 45, and Lisa Pickles, 26, who all quit their jobs to set up the shop.

It contains a wide range of unusual stock, including the original master clock from St Pancras Station.

Clitheroe resident Allan Knox said: “Obviously, it is up to people to do whatever they wish to promote their business, but they should also remember to keep the right side of public decency and taste. At the same time, people should be a bit more laid back about it but it’s not harming anyone.”