A HOTEL extension which will increase the number of bedrooms by two thirds has been given the go ahead.

The 30-bedroom Higher Trapp Hotel, in Simonstone, will add another 21 beds during a four-month period at a cost of £1.25million.

The extension will be built on the existing kitchen site and a section of the parking area and will not be seen from the road side.

Jonathan Butterworth, group operations manager at Lavender Hotels, the hotel’s owners, said: “We want the hotel to continue to do well and we are confident that the extra bedrooms will be filled on a regular basis.

“As a result of the local demand for rooms at the hotel, it seems sensible for us to make this move.

“The extension will be built where the kitchen and a section of the car park is at the momement and will not impact at all on the existing grounds.”

Lavender Hotels have confirmed that three new posts will be created in order to maintain the new rooms.

Mr Butterworth said: “Of course the customer has to come first and we intend to fit the building work around their needs as much as possible.

“The construction will start later in the day than normal and will also finish eariler in order to minimise disruption to the hotel’s residents.

“The extension will only benefit the hotel and it will keep it performing at a high level.”

Coun Ged Mirfin, Ribble Valley planning committee member, said: “The development is something we wholeheartedly support.

“Such developments that support tourism and encourages tourists to come to the Ribble Valley to experience high quality hotels is very much supported by the council.

“We certainly would give positive support to any developments that businesses want to set up of this nature.”