YOBS have smashed new security cameras installed at a community centre just weeks after a previous break-in caused £50,000 of damage.

The CCTV system and additional lighting was put in place by Bacup Hub owner Catherine Murphy after vandals trashed the Burnley Road venue in January.

The Hub’s management has been left counting the cost of vandalism once again after turning up to work to discover the latest damage. Manager Oliver Chadwick said: “We noticed that sensors had been stripped away and both cameras had been ripped out of place.

“It will probably cost us a few hundred pounds to fix.

“It’s frustrating when you’re trying to help the community, especially after the last attack.

“It’s taken a lot of time and effort to recover from that.

“It makes you wonder what sort of idiots there are running about around here.” Ms Murphy, writing on the Hub’s official Facebook page, said: “Thank you to whoever smashed the new security lights and cameras put behind the Bacup Hub.

“Shame you didn’t think they may have also been put up for your benefit too.

“Remember, the damage you cause prevents us from putting events on for the community.”

Lancashire Police said two security lighting systems and cabling had been removed from the rear of the building between 1pm on April 10 and 4pm on April 11. In the January attack, a group of men used a crowbar to enter the building and ruined offices, the bar and sports courts, stealing large quantities of alcohol during the ten-hour raid.

The damage caused some events and classes to be cancelled for a fortnight.

George Taylor, 23, of Blackthorn Terrace, and Christopher Richards, 25, of Gordon Street, both Bacup, have both pleaded guilty to burglary and are awaiting sentence for that incident.