OBJECTIONS have been raised by a pressure group to plans to erect 10 wind turbines on common land in the Forest of Bowland ‘Area of Outstanding Beauty’ (AONB).

The application, submitted by Community Windpower Ltd to Lancaster City Council, is being contested by The Open Spaces Society.

The pressure group is supporting the Stop Claughton Turbines campaign, and other objectors to the scheme.

Previous applications from the company were for 20 and then 13 turbines.

Kate Ashbrook, the society’s general secretary, said: “It is common land and open country where people have the right to walk. If wind turbines are allowed here, in this beautiful, popular and much loved place, no landscape can be safe.

“The development conflicts with the statutory purposes of the AONB and would destroy people’s quiet enjoyment of the area.

“Because it is common land, the developers would need consent from the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for works on the common, in addition to planning consent.”

“We strongly urge Lancaster Council once again to reject this damaging application.”