A YOUTUBE video of pupils at a Muslim girls’ secondary school dancing in a pre-prayer washroom has been removed from the website.

A dozen 12 and 13-year-old Tauheedul Islam Girls High School students were viewed 12,000 times hip-thrusting and jumping on toilet seats during the five days it was online.

The footage, filmed on a mobile phone and titled Tauheedul Harlem Shake, is believed to be the girls’ version of the internet dance craze.

Headteacher Hamid Patel spent last weekend in talks with the girls’ parents but declined to confirm what disciplinary action he has taken.

However, the school confirmed that no one had been expelled.

Officials at the school said they were concerned about bad publicity at a time when Tauheedul was planning to expand its education brand in Blackburn and across the country.

A governer at the school, Coun Suleman Khonat, said: “This could not have come at a worse time.

“The school is of a strict Muslim faith and Mr Patel is very disappointed in the girls.

“He is determined to get to the bottom of what has gone on.

“I think the girls have let themselves down.

“It’s saddening but we are dealing with children here.

“The girls work very hard and there has never been an incident like this at the school before. Hopefully everything will get back on track.”

Post office manager Moin Mathia, whose daughter attended Tauheedul Girls, said he believes the youngsters should not be disproportionately punished for making the video.

He said: “It was in the wrong place, Tauheedul is a religious school, but they are just young kids.

“What they’ve done is wrong but expelling or suspending them is not the right way to go about it.” Tauheedul Sponsored Academies, set up by staff at the girls’ school, was given the go-ahead last month to turn Witton Park High School in Buncer Lane into its ‘flagship’ academy.

The group has also submitted an application to Blackburn with Darwen council detailing its plans to create the first free school for Muslims in the country at Edinburgh House in Clarence Street.