TWO dedicated employees are celebrating 25 years of service at East Lancashire Box Company.

Ian ‘Happy’ Shuttleworth, of Aspen Fold in Oswaldtwistle, turned 50 last week and has been working as a driver for the company for a quarter of a century.

He drives wagons around the site, loads deliveries on to trucks, and delivers goods.

He said: “I like working here, they’re good bosses. I’m not planning on going anywhere unless I win the lottery, and they’re not planning on getting shut of me yet. I think I’ll be here until I’m put out to pasture!”

Raymond Halliday, 48, who lives in Romley Walk in Blackburn, has also reached the 25-year milestone at the company.

He works as a machine line assistant, operating a machine that cuts cardboard to be made into boxes. In honour of his dedication to the company the machine he operates has been named ‘Raymond’.

Peter Ingham, who co-owns the business, said: “We normally name our machines after Blackburn players, but in recognition of his 25 years we’ve named this machine Raymond. We’d be be lost without him, and he comes to work smiling every day.”