A NURSERY in Kelbrook has warned its pupils and their parents to beware of a ‘vicious’ dog near the school.

Brook Farm Nursery, in Harden Street, said it had issued the advice after a risk assessment found that a Labrador lurcher cross-breed was causing problems in nearby Dotcliffe Road.

One neighbour said his wife looked on in horror as the dog mauled to death his own pet just yards from their new-born son.

David O’Neill, 56, said his Jack Russell Chihuahua cross-breed Stan, three, was the victim of an attack by the other dog, 50 yards from his home on February 1.

His wife Hayley, 33, was taking their 13-day-old son, Joel, on his first trip out when the lurcher struck at about 11.30am.

Pendle Council said it was aware of the attack and had compiled a ‘canine incident log’ after visiting both parties.

Mr O’Neill, who has met the lurcher’s owner, said: “My wife is absolutely traumatised and emotionally distressed.

“She’s petrified to walk down the road now. She had to protect our son in his pram while the dog was tossing Stan about.

“Stan was on a lead at the time, the other dog wasn’t. Unfortunately, Stan’s injuries were too severe and he had to be put down.

“It doesn’t bear thinking about what would have happened if it got near the pram.

“My main concern is that the next time that dog strikes, it will be on a child.

“I’m frustrated with the authorities. The police didn’t want to know.

“What has to happen before there is action?”

Mr O’Neill, who works in the property industry, said the lurcher had previously attacked and killed chickens he kept in a coop in his garden last September. Stan’s vet bill amounted to £600.

Katrina Bullas, Pendle Council dog warden, said: “We will be keeping a look out for a repeat incident. It’s obviously of great concern and we take these things seriously, especially as a child was nearby.”

A member of management at Brook Farm Nursery said: “After carrying out a routine risk assessment, we have warned families to be careful making their way to and from nursery past this particular dog’s house.”

When approached by the Lancashire Telegraph the dog’s owners refused to comment.