A BLACKBURN ‘lifeline’ charity has said it is down to its last few months’ rent.

Blackburn Lighthouse, a sympathy listening service, features a team of volunteers who fear their services are in danger.

The team, which provide a sympathetic ear to people who have no one else to talk to, said it can only pay for their base for another two months.

Founders Kathleen Barlow and Susan Haresceugh have helped hundreds of people over the past three years.

Now they are launching a bid to persuade 70 supporters to donate £4 a month which would cover the charity’s rent at their base in King Street, Blackburn.

Kathleen, 60, of Feniscowles, said: “It’s so important that we keep going.

“We have been doing marvellous work with people who just want someone to listen to them.

“It would be such a great shame if it stopped because we didn’t ask for help enough.

“I set this up because when I was diagnosed with epilepsy there was no one to talk to about it. I didn’t need anything else except someone who was willing to listen.”

Susan, 68, said: “It is so rewarding, it is difficult to describe how much.

“Some people come to us feeling absolutely hopeless and before long you begin to see changes.

“People tell us they have found themselves a course they are studying, or they’ve got a part time job. It is wonderful to see people flourish just because they had someone to listen to them.”

The service can be accessed by phone and people are also free to drop in for ‘tea and sympathy’ at the King’s Court base.

Kathleen said: “When people come to the Lighthouse, they see the cosy room and realise it’s not like counselling.

“We make a brew, people relax and feel more at home. We just want to listen and encourage people to have confidence in themselves to cope”.

Anyone who would like to either offer support or needs someone to talk to can contact Blackburn Lighthouse on 01254 296078 or Kathleen on 07954 152721