A HUSKY rescue centre has seen a dramatic increase in the number of dogs it is having to take into its care.

John Duxbury, who has been running Sibes and Sled Dogs Husky Rescue for a year, said people were drawn in by the animals’ pale blue eyes, and fluffy coat, without realising how big, and energetic, a husky would grow to be.

The former builder, who gave up his job to concentrate on caring for the dogs, currently has 38 huskies, which might otherwise have been put to sleep had he not accepted them.

He said he was having to turn down around three to four every day.

Since opening, the organisation has rehomed, on average, two huskies a month.

The 53-year-old said: “Huskies are a popular fashion dog, a bit of an accessory, but people don’t realise what they turn into.

“They buy them as fluffy puppies and they turn into pulling machines.”

The youngest dog John has had to take in was just 16 weeks old.

John, who works with his partner, Christine Widdup, at their home, in Brentwood Road, Nelson, currently has four dogs living with him.

He is helped by a friend, who has three kennels to cope with the rest.

John, who is originally from Accrington, then tries to find new homes with responsible owners for the dogs as soon as possible.

He said: “Some people don’t research the breed before they get a husky.

“They are the most loving, caring, intelligent dog you can come across, but they need stimulation.

“You cannot work eight hours a day because they will just destroy your house.

“I have seen doors chewed off because they just get bored.

“They are like coiled springs and they like to be exercised, and for people to play with them.”

John is hoping to register Sibes and Sled Dogs Husky Rescue as a charity by May.