A BLIND man tasered by a Lancashire police officer who mistook his white stick for a samurai sword has issued a claim for damages against the county’s police force.

Colin Farmer has sent a letter to Lancashire Constabulary seeking damages for an incident on October 12, in which he tasered by a stun gun which delivers 50,000 volts.

The weapon was discharged by an officer in Peter Street, Chorley, as Mr Farmer made his way to a pub to meet friends.

In addition Mr Farmer, via McMillan Williams solicitors, will be seeking a declaration of incompatibility from the High Court in relation to the use of the taser on him.

Stroke victim Mr Farmer, 61, claimed he collapsed to the ground in shock after he was hit in the back with the gun while walking down the street.

Police had been responding to reports of a man walking through the town armed with the deadly martial arts sword and were searching the town centre for a suspect.

A statement from his solicitor, Sophie Khan, said: “Mr Farmer is claiming damages for assault, false imprisonment, breach of Article 3 under the European Convention of Human Rights and personal injury for the physical and psychological injuries he has suffered as a result of the incident.”

The police force has already issued an apology saying they ‘deeply regret’ what has happened.