PLUCKY sisters tackled a weasel – and won – after it attacked their beloved pet rabbit.

Aimee, 7, Katie, 9, and Lucy Navesey, 10, share pet lop eared rabbit Dora and were horrified to see she was under attack in their garden.

The trio, all pupils at St Stephens in Tockholes, sprang into action when the animal jumped onto their pet’s back and tried to sink its teeth into Dora’s neck.

As Aimee reached her distressed pet first, she grabbed the weasel, swung it around her head and threw it into a nearby field, saving her six-year-old rabbit.

Mum Julie, who lives at Silk Hall Farm, Tockholes, with husband Mark and her three daughters said: “As soon as they saw it the girls were screaming ‘Get off!’ and up they jumped to go help Dora.

“They told me later they could see it on Dora’s back and it was trying to bite through her neck. The next thing Aimee was swinging it over her head by the tail and threw it into a field!”