AUDIENCES for children’s show Billy Goat’s Gruff can pay ‘what it’s worth’ in a new scheme designed to boost sales.

Hyndburn Leisure is trialling the exciting scheme with Garlic Theatre’s family story at Accrington Town Hall on Sunday at 2pm.

Spokesman Kerry Smith said; “It’s something we’ve never done before, but we are excited about it.

“The idea is that nobody pays for their tickets beforehand, then after the show people can decide if they enjoyed it and how much they think it was worth.

“If they think it was worth 50p, they pay 50p. If they think it was worth £50, they pay £50!

“We just hope they enjoy the show. If it works, we may do the same thing at other shows during the year.”

And marketing boss Ben Caulfield hopes the idea will bring in new audiences, adding that it will hopefully ‘pull people in who wouldn’t normally go to a family show, it gives the option to try something new’ He added: “It has been very successful in other areas. We’re not expecting people to pay over the odds, just what it’s worth.”

To reserve a ticket in advance, call 01254 380293 or visit