St Paul’s Players Adlington’s latest offering is the much loved play The Rise and Fall of Little Voice.

The play tells the story of LV who lives alone with her mother Mari whose sole purpose in life is to find another man.

Mari’s imposing presence drives the shy LV into utter seclusion spending her time in her room listening to her late father’s records.

Small time impresario Ray Say, Mari’s latest catch, hears LV’s faultless impersonations of various famous singers, he recognises the gold in her voice and is determined to exploit it. The title role of LV is being played by Lily Blundell, and being the owner of a singing studio, imitating the great divas is no problem for her.

Like the singing, playing the role of a daughter is no problem as her mother Mari is being played by Liz Blundell, Lily’s actual mum.

LV’s love interest Billy is played by Phil Armstrong, Lily’s boyfriend so St Pauls are really keeping it in the family.

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice runs from September 3 to 7 at Adlington Community Centre, all shows at 7.30pm.

For tickets call 01204407784, 07403 287120 or got to Adlington Post office, Market Street.