SO they are mortal after all. The honours-laden Olympians revealed that they aren’t good at everything in one of the highlights of the festive TV schedules, the welcome return of Superstars.

The Beeb clearly spared no expense. Indeed, it appeared as though it hadn’t spent a penny on the competition, which was watched by a handful of people in the pouring rain somewhere on the outskirts of Bath.

But that just added to the retro appeal of a show, which was peak viewing in the Seventies. For this one-off special, athletes from the ‘golden summer’ made complete fools of themselves splashing around in canoes in a swimming pool and threatening the camera crews with rogue arrows in the archery.

Poor old Mo Farah demonstrated he’d be a risk on a cross channel ferry and never has so much effort gone into throwing a javelin so short a distance. Boxer Antony Joshua romped home in the men’s competition while rower Helen Glover was “a beast” according to commentator Iwan Thomas.

Compared to the halycon days of Brian Jacks, this Superstars did seem a little rushed and presenter Gabby Logan was totally overshadowed by her ridiculous coat.

But there was enough to make you wonder if a new series would be possible.