START: Sabden village car park. This is signposted in the centre of the village near the White Hart pub.

DISTANCE: 5 miles (allow 2-3 hours)

MAP: OS Explorer 287 West Pennine Moors

THE best way to appreciate the geography of Sabden village is to climb the hills on either side of the saucer-shaped valley formed by Sabden Brook.

This walk explores the quiet upper reaches of this stream, which rises on the side of Pendle and flows west through the former textile village to join the River Calder in the parkland below Read Hall.

The walk follows the country lane along the top of Padiham Heights where the view opens up south to Burnley, Gawthorpe and the Calder Valley. Beyond the trig point on Black Hill (869 feet) this picturesque ramble explores some lovely woodland before winding back down to Sabden village.

1. From the car park entrance turn right towards the White Hart pub and road bridge. Do not cross the bridge but turn left along Stubbins Lane with the Stubbins Vale caravan site on the right.

At a crossroads where the houses end on the right, turn right (opposite St Nicholas’ Avenue) along a lane with the houses on the right and a field in front of the village church on the left. The lane crosses a cattle grid and becomes a farm track.

Just keep to this track running straight ahead along the valley for over a mile until it reaches an old cottage at Dean Farm on the left. There is a green Peak and Northern footpath signpost here.

2. Turn right at the track junction by the cottage and it immediately crosses a bridge over Sabden Brook. The enclosed path climbs to a gate then turn right uphill along a sunken track. This climbs the hillside and swings left continuing uphill to a gate onto a narrow lane.

Turn right and the lane (Back Lane) is followed for nearly a mile back to a crossroads. The view opens out south to Boulsworth and Hameldon Hills.

3. Take care and go straight ahead at the crossroads passing the car park on the right. Ignore the first footpath sign on the right but after passing the next car park on the left you can cross a stile on the right and turn left to follow a faint path through rough pasture leading to the trig point on Black Hill.

Alternatively just continue straight ahead along the lane. If you have visited the trig point rejoin the lane by walking downhill with the wall at the boundary of woodland on the right. This crosses a stile on to the lane.

4. Cross the wall stile on the opposite side of the lane and an enclosed path enters open fields. (If you have just walked along the lane instead of visiting the trig point this stile is reached when the lane enters woodland).

Turn right with great views and follow the right wall side crossing a number of stiles to reach gates on to a lane. Cross the lane and join the path beginning at a gate directly opposite. The path enters woodland and almost immediately splits into two.

Ignore the left fork heading to a wall but go straight ahead through an open area and pick up a distinct path running along the right hand side of a steep-sided woodland hollow, part of an old quarry working. The path leads to a stile at the far end of the woodland and enters a large field.

5. Continue straight ahead across this field, which usually has horses in it, heading towards another woodland and wind turbine. The path meets a wall and gates near a farm. Do not go through the gates but turn sharp right in the same field following the wall side track. This leads to a gate on to a lane. Turn right along the lane and almost immediately leave it on the left along a farm driveway.

6. Follow the driveway downhill and when it swings left just go straight ahead along a gated track that runs diagonally down the hillside towards Sabden village.

You quickly descend from the Heights and when houses are reached on the left you can turn left at benches to join the street leading past the mill with its distinctive chimney. This is now the Pendle Antiques Centre.

Follow this street (Watt Street) back to the junction with Whalley Road and turn right following the pavement back to the village. You can turn right down the terrace of Gardeners Row to return to the car park.