This walk joins two war memorials on either side of the River Ribble, which are linked via the old crossing point of Brungerley Bridge.

The villages of the West Riding of Yorkshire, just like those in Lancashire, lost men in the Great War and this walk visits the picturesque little memorial garden overlooking the stream at Waddington, which prior to 1974 was in the county of Yorkshire.

South of the river the walk visits the fine town memorial in Clitheroe’s Castle Park commemorating the hundreds of townsfolk who lost their lives in the war.

Start the walk behind the train station. Do not turn right towards the car park but turn left along a residential street, which winds around to join another street. Turn right here to face the gate/kissing gate at Back Commons. Go through the gate and walk straight ahead across the field to another kissing gate on the far side. Go straight ahead beyond this following the right edge of the next field. Another kissing gate/gate is crossed and walk straight ahead to the waymarker post overlooking the weir of the River Ribble with Waddow Hall on the opposite bank.

At the waymarker post turn right downhill through the trees to join the riverside path leading to Brungerley Bridge.

Turn left over the road bridge and follow the pavement uphill only as far as the signed footpath that begins at the entrance to Waddow Hall on the left. Keep to the waymarked path that runs alongside the driveway then follows a route behind the hall.

The path joins a track on the far side of the hall, turning right and following a field edge to join a lane at a gate. Turn right along the lane and follow it into Waddington village. When the houses are reached go straight ahead at the first road junction and when you reach the next junction with Twitter Lane, continue straight ahead.

As the road bends join a signed footpath on the right straight ahead that crosses a field and beyond a wall enters a memorial garden by a stream. You can cross this via the stepping stones and view Waddington war memorial cross. Join the main road through the village and on the other side from the memorial garden join a path by the hedge side of Waddington Hall. This enters a field and crosses it to join the lane between Waddington and West Bradford. Turn right along this and follow the lane until the primary school is reached on the left. Opposite the school join a signed footpath. Two paths start here, take the one that forks right across a field. This runs around the side of a little hill towards a house marked on the O.S. map as ‘Lillands’. The path runs around the front of the house and joins an access track. Follow this away from the house until it meets a road.

Turn left along this – Waddington Road – and follow it back over Brungerley Bridge. Keep to the pavement and follow the road straight ahead uphill back towards Clitheroe. The cemetery is passed on the right. As you approach the railway bridge near the top of Waddington Road turn right down Chester Street back to the train station. Turn left under the railway bridge to continue the walk to Clitheroe war memorial.

Turn right and follow the road past the mini-roundabout leading to Booths. Beyond Booths turn left and then right at the mini-roundabout to keep to the pavement on the left which enters the Castle Park. At the playground turn left uphill to cross over the brow of a hill. Continue downhill then sharp left up the stony track with a good view left to Longridge Fell and Bowland. Go through the arched gateway below the castle keep. The steps on the left lead up to the keep. Turn right then left to view the town’s war memorial. Continue downhill to the main park entrance then left or down the main town street to return to the railway station.