AN East Lancashire actress is being sought for the remaining part in a musical world premiere being staged in March.

Comedian Jimmy Cricket selected the Thwaites Empire Theatre, Blackburn, to host the first performances of his new show Magennis the Musical.

Magennis tells the ‘heart-warming story’ of the only Northern Irishman to receive the Victoria Cross for service during the Second World War, James Magennis.

Jimmy decided to write the show after a long fascination with Magennis’s life, which began in poverty. And, despite his heroic actions as part of Operation Struggle against the Japanese in July 1945, he ended up back in poverty again and was forced to sell his medal.

Jimmy, who appears at the Blackburn and Darwen Comedy Festival at Darwen Library Theatre on Thursday, said: “Although all the leading players are cast, we still have one part to fill, and It would be great if we could have a local girl to do this.

“The character is called Edna from Bradford, and she marries our hero – Jim Magennis.

“We find her in the second half of the show with three small children, so we are looking for a really good young singer and actress, preferably in her late 20s to early 30s, who can carry off a West Yorkshire accent.”

The show will run from March 16 to 19. Anyone interested can contact Michael Berry 01254 685500.