ARE you in the mood for a male muscle beefcake with a side order of pecs?

Well you won’t be disappointed, according to dancer Rob Walters, who is performing in the brand new show Here Come The Boys.

“There's something for everyone in this show,” said Rob, 26, the only British dancer in the American-produced show.

“Each routine runs straight into the next and each dance tells a story — it’s like a musical with muscle.”

Those expecting a traditional male strip show may be surprised.

“It's something unique that's never been done before,” said Rob, a full-time model and actor.

“Yes we get down to our underwear, but it’s by no means a group of guys dancing around in thongs to cheesy music. The show is choreographed by Chris Judd, who has worked with Jennifer Lopez and Usher, and who used to be Michael Jackson’s lead dancer."

As well as his impressive physique, Rob — who recently returned from filming a war movie in Morocco for five months alongside Matt Damon — is a member of the gentry, holding the title of lord.

“I'm the only English guy in a show full of Americans so I guess they thought it would add to the image," said Rob, who lives in London.

“I've never used my title in school or acting work before. It’s just something that was handed down through my family. It was actually originally held by Henry VIII.”

The 40-date UK tour, opened by Peter Andre at London’s O2 Arena in May, is tough going — especially when you’ve got a buff body to keep trim.

“An average day would see us getting on the bus at 8.30am and being on the road for six or seven hours,” said Rob.

“When we reach the venue we go straight to check out the stage and to block some numbers. Then we have to try to find a gym, which isn’t easy, especially in some of these towns in the middle of nowhere. We only get 45 minutes to work out because after that it’s time to head back to the venue to start getting ready for the show.”

And eating right is hard too.

“Lunch is usually at a pitstop. Let me tell you, trying to find a high protein low carb meal at a service station is difficult — it's all KFC and Burger King. If you find a jacket potato with tuna it's like liquid gold!”

But when they get on stage, it's all worthwhile.

“You may have been on the road for 14 hours and be feeling lethargic and tired, but as soon as you’re about to step out on that stage the adrenalin kicks in and the energy of the audience hits you. It’s like nothing else.”

l See Here Come The Boys, at St George's Hall, Bradford, on July 19 or at Liverpool Empire on July 20. The show was due to come to King George's Hall, Blackburn, on Wednesday, July 15, but has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. For a full refund return ticket to point of sale. Call King George's Hall on 0844 847 1664.