Doctor Who has gone from time lord to tiny lord - after being regenerated as a mini toy.

He and his foes are to be launched as a new pocket-sized range of collectable action figures which will launch in the spring.

His sidekick Amy Pond is also part of the range, which includes enemies such as daleks, cybermen and weeping angels.

Fans will also be able to get building bricks to build their Doctor Who universe after BBC Worldwide teamed up with toy firm Character Options for the range. It has already launched a collection of five inch-high figures.

Doctor Who actor Matt Smith was delighted with his dinky incarnation.

He said: "It was very surreal and funny coming face to face with a miniature version of myself as the Doctor - but I'm glad that the Doctor's trusty Sonic Screwdriver is in his hand, ready to fend off attacks from monsters."

And sidekick Karen Gillan - who plays Amy - said it was a "strange sensation" seeing herself "immortalised in plastic and miniature and buildable - and dissectible".

She added: "I'm loving Pond's flaming ginger mane and it's funny to think that the Doctor and Amy are small enough to travel around in someone's pocket."

The range is being unveiled at the London Toy Fair next week.